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A New Age!


I just came across an interesting piece of work! Is the new era creating a new type of icons? It’s food for thought for bloggers, photographers, status and fame seekers and not only. Great perspective on how emblematic characters of our times are built.


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The anatomy of basic fashion

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The world has always been impassioned with fashion! From fashion theorists to practitioners, aficionados and wearers it’s hard not to take a stand, because one way or another, the contact with fashion is unavoidable! A superficial and unpretentious reading of … Continue reading

Enhorabuena, San Sebastian!

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My top of mind destination?…unquestionably, unequivocally, absolutely…Spain. There is slightly any other country (and I’ve travelled a few, around all time zones and hemispheres) that embraced me with such tenderness and authenticity as this thriving and vivacious corner of the … Continue reading

Once upon a time


All stories have a beginning. This story, as most others, started one day…In between preparations for New Year’s party, my mind stopped to take a short glance at the past year: achievements, regrets, big hits, great outfits, wonderful books and awesome memories burst out from the little drawers of the mind and the heart. It depends on the substance and the composition of each and every small thing and on our ability to clasify them. At one point, I think we all take a tiny piece of paper, napkin, post-it or blank notebook page and start writing our up coming resolutions. Some sound more practical than others: to start a new DIY project, to take up a new foreign language, to attend a course, to go to the gym and get those abs you have been craving for ever since you were a teen, to cut down on donuts and chocolate cakes, to visit new exotic islands. And then you get to that part where the wishlist comes together with a set of sighs, smiles and whispers – those almost secret desires that sets your pulse racing and makes your fear saying them out loud: to treasure every second and enjoy good health and precious moments with my dear ones, to say “I love you!” more often, to make my family’s journey a cool and yet thought provoking experience, to be happy and live to the fullest.
One of these secret resolutions is now out in the open. You are reading about it. I wanted to go back to basics. My basics. Starting something from scratch and doing something I once loved! I once wrote a piece for college that was highly praised by my literature professor. Before giving me the A+ she asked me : What do you want to be in life? A simple, common and fundamental question that we are being asked from the very first years of life. A storyteller, I answered.
So, here I am. Fulfilling a task and not only! I took a while. Once trying to get beyond the nuts and bolts of it, it’s not easy. Getting out of the hand written diary, hidden in the linen drawers and the inspiration board with notes and quotes and photos and trims and lines tossed around is hard. It’s more than a statement of intent. It’s a pledge, an engagement.
Whims and follies are like fireflies in my life. They are geared by reason and intuition, principles, values, personal history, people and intimate emotional DNA. My whims and follies are the books I read, the paintings that take me away, the music that inspires me, the people I fall in love with, the movies I dream about, the places I breathe before even getting there, the photographs that make my heart and my mind stop and so many other things that I will uncover. My fashion? It’s the jewels I adore, the Louboutins I wear, the dresses I trust, the T-shirts I clothe in and the jeans I confess to…the diamond rings almost glued to my fingers, the charm bracelets that empower me and the Longines that makes every moment count.
So, expect to read and learn about all that! About beauty, arts, moods and people…with courage, love, humility and drive!