Enhorabuena, San Sebastian!

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My top of mind destination?…unquestionably, unequivocally, absolutely…Spain. There is slightly any other country (and I’ve travelled a few, around all time zones and hemispheres) that embraced me with such tenderness and authenticity as this thriving and vivacious corner of the world. Living the vibrant Barcelona for what I call – my Golden Ages, and then in Madrid – for the more Maturing Ages, enjoying both the Aragonese mountains and the southern shores of the Peninsula, gaining friends and unforgettable experiences fed a mix of overwhelming feelings of passion, melancholy, security and enchantment. Make me pick one thing or one place that I adore and it’s a herculean ordeal – el Barri Gotic in the Catalan capital, Alhambra, the Andalusian villages and small towns, the constant chatter, the Debod Park in Madrid, the small cafe near the Royal Palace where all sunsets had a different story, the roughness of Cadiz, the wilderness of Los Canos and its beaches, the dawns and the dancing moon in Mallorca, the tapas bars, the people, the sun…what could one pick? Whether I land at Prat or Barajas airport, I step down the airplane and my heart start pounding – I feel home.
There have been tons of novels, articles and poems and millions of impressions on this country and its beauties. Few words have not been already said.
But I cannot help but jump with joy when reading about the recent success of San Sebastian. This small and cozy city in the Basque Country, served by one of the most amazing beaches in Europe has been recently ranked as the world’s top food destination. WHICH?’s experts rated the exquisite cuisine and the tremendously generous eating offer and undeniably reached the conclusion that San Sebastian is the “it” place to enjoy tasty and delicious street food, markets, delis, local food products and specialties.
So, if you’re in search of a total summer destination…consider San Sebastian! If your surf, all the best! And if you are a movie lover, book your tickets in September – the 61st edition of the San Sebastian Festival will run from Friday 20th to Saturday 28th September. Maria Cristina Hotel, with its belle epoque architecture and decor, should certainly be on your visiting list – it’s pricey, but breakfast on its terrace could be worthy indulgence to award yourself.

Que aproveche!


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