A New Age!


I just came across an interesting piece of work! Is the new era creating a new type of icons? It’s food for thought for bloggers, photographers, status and fame seekers and not only. Great perspective on how emblematic characters of our times are built.


Photo : http://static02.mediaite.com/styleite/uploads/2013/01/paparazzi.jpg


One thought on “A New Age!

  1. Because of the sheer volume of data [photos, blogs, articles, social media, et al] that’s readily accessible, we’ve created varying levels of social addiction. The most prevalent being the “reality show” addiction followed by the “smartphone/tablet” addiction. In both cases, we’re all hunters—however implicit—of something, anything that feeds our Amygdala. And with that, we’ve morphed into beings that can, at one time or another, become hypersexual, hyperactive, hypersensitive, etc. so much so when something does “hit us” either by discovery or a specific focus, we become more emotionally charged.

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