The anatomy of basic fashion

The world has always been impassioned with fashion! From fashion theorists to practitioners, aficionados and wearers it’s hard not to take a stand, because one way or another, the contact with fashion is unavoidable! A superficial and unpretentious reading of Barthes’ Système de la mode (not one of the easiest lectures on the subject) makes you wonder of how idealism is used in praising the “IT” item of the season – be it a jacket, a pair of shoes, a bag, a dress or a style icon ( falling in love with the Balmain jacket, the red soles Louboutins, the Fendi Spy Bag/ or the Hermes Birkin, the Herve Leger bandage dress, and Victoria Beckham’s ultimate minimalism is totally justified).

We all have our wardrobe classics! Constructed and de-constructed throughout the years by our evolving tastes in terms of structures, colors, textures and shapes. But the basics endure all trends! On a rainy and moody day, spring is bringing to life a pair of Converse, my favorite jeans and the perfect bracelets mix.

I wonder though…where is the fine line between basic and baroque in fashion? I know people that dress impeccably…but still don’t dare! And I also know people who dare all the time and look edgy, chic and baroque…without crossing the border of classy! I would love to find that balance!


One thought on “The anatomy of basic fashion

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