H&M reloaded – Isabel Marant guest designer for FW 2013 capsule collection


The other day I was in awe for their courage and success as creative team which designed one of the most coherent collections for their own label…Now, I’m speechless! It’s good! It’s great! I love Isabel Marant! And all her clothes’ easiness and carelessness attitude…and the boots, the sneakers…love it! Just that I feel somehow bewildered! She is on a pedestal…nevertheless, Karl Lagerfeld, Stella McCartney, Matthew Williamson, Versace..they all are on the same pedestal…but Marant…the bohemian – tomboy – looking effortlessly smashing – still slouchy and nonchalant – but-amazing-and-cool-and-enviable Isabel Marant? It’s probably a match made in heaven! for both sides! for me, it’s like Esmeralda marrying Shrek, with all due respect…to Esmeralda!


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