Tribute to Tribeca

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Praised for the mix of high-end restaurants, stylish upscale shops and famous inhabitants, Tribeca is a wasteland of New York. The territory bounded by Canal Street, West Street, Broadway, and Vesey Street, known as the Triangle below Canal Street, which served as the city’s largest food market, was formerly destined to extensive stores and warehouses, dedicated to trading cotton, textiles and dry goods.

By 1960s however, the retail vanished and thus, all the lofts and spaces emptied out, becoming a flourishing artistic and cultural neighborhood and leaving room for admirable and exciting residential conversion projects. Neo-Renaissance buildings with Art-Deco attitudes, reviving Italianate and Romanesque styles, gathering some of the world’s first cast-iron structures, embraced the new vibe and became in the past years the hot-spot of New York.

Today, Tribeca stands for New York’s most fashionable and most expensive zip code, but also for its famous film festival – originally promoted to contribute to the long-term recovery of lower Manhattan post 9/11 attacks and celebrating the city as a major filmmaking center and movie scene as well.

Its aura is still charming…I remember it on a temperate late June evening…the early-19th-century three-story redbrick town houses near Independence Plaza, stand tranquil and undisturbed near a huge high-rise apartment complex, the cobblestone streets take your steps nearby art galleries, antique stores, and bars, while sun kissed flower shops invite your dearly to a good coffee on a quaint bakery with sidewalk terrace. In the meantime, a catwalk blanketed by models, actors, photographers, street-style fame seekers, struggling atrists, curious tourists and relaxed locals reveals a landmark universe.

Somehow, all these contrasts blend into an endearing and desirable mix of aromas, images, luxury, smiles and gentleness that stay with you forever.

New York is definitely my next stop…


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