What makes you happy?


Happiness around the world, year after year, seems less connected to money! Although wealth or financial security ensures a certain quality of life, and implicitly, a certain level of satisfaction, I am convinced that the secret is in the details…

The most recent report on happiness is The Better Life Index, issued by the OECD. Statistically, it’s pretty irrelevant, given the fact that it takes into consideration only OECD member states – there are only 34 out of 206 total states worldwide. (whose sovereignty and independence have been dully recongnized).

Matt Killingsworth built an app, Track Your Happiness, that let people report their feelings in real time. The paradox of happiness is that despite all advances in life, we are still clueless about what makes us happy.

Question: would the best job in the world make you happier? what is that? how would you know it’s the best ever?

How exactly do you go about it? Is the balance between less and more? Is getting what we want? Is making our dreams come true? Is it programmed science? Is happiness a result of our prefrontal cortex simulating our experiences before they happen…it’s this part of the brain that makes us say waw! whenever we see a haagen dazs ad because we have already stored that information that almonds and caramel taste awesome? or the rememberance of the mere aroma of good icecream that made us once smile and satisfied?

A summer breezy morning, a shiny winter day with crisp white snow and calm flakes, a cup of good coffee on a porch, reading The portrait of Dorian Gray, or the New York Times, a girls movies night , browsing the web for the latest IT items…there are so many things that mean happiness and give meaning to the word!


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