Why Nivea is one of my top 3 brands

Aside their amazing history and brilliant evolution, their consistent positioning and incredible sensibility, which for a brand of such magnitude is impressive and encouraging, Nivea stands for a set of values that haven’t changed in one hundred years. Somehow this is not obsolete, but reassuring and admirable. Their world, their characters, the love and tenderness that their story transpire are all aspirational.

Brand equity and positioning, together with all the other marcomms elements thoroughly planned and delivered by their teams are convincingly backed up by a sense of humanity, of natural inclination towards people, whom I might dare to say that are not only target audience or potential customers, but truly the center of their care and preoccupation.

The latest Nivea Sun advertising campaign proves just how clever they are without coming up with a mind blowing catch…but a common sense need: the featured ad in a Brazilian magazine comes along with a solar powered mobile phone charger – suggesting that both the cream and the charger mean staying in the sun all day long with no worries for your skin or your phone, which indeed are two concerns that hinder our day at the beach.

Created by Giovanni+Draftfcb, the video is everything but interrupting – it’s informing, it’s useful, it’s engaging and gives an authentic pretext to have beautiful, young people walking around in bikinis…


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