Fashion goes on holiday

As summer is ending, after a load of trips to several places, I came to a dramatic conclusion: despite all the programs available, the editorials and magazine articles on how to dress and what to wear/ what not to wear during the hot season, fashion and style take a break too – especially at the beach. The uniform that should accompany us towards the sun bathing session is either T-shirt and shorts or a light, colourful dress, with their infinite and eclectic variables. it has been proved that for a 7 day trip, you can even have 10 pieces that can be mixed and matched and three pairs of footwear, tops!

I would have nothing against it, but when femininity and style is compromised for comfort, on the pretext of anonimity, then…it’s too hard to let go. It’s not that I preach pretentious and complicated outfits to impress the audience barely dressed in skimpy bikinis, but it’s the greatest season to wear wonderful, flowy kaftans, bright colors and daring textures that embrace all the curves of our bodies.

So, ladies, please drop your boyfriend’s extralarge T-shirt, that he received at a lucky draw in a shopping mall and the unflattering tight lycra long skirts, or worse, the leather/pvc mini shorts, lose the huge earrings and the statement bracelets or necklaces, the false lashes and the eye popping orange lipstick and go for silk, cotton, natural looks and water proof make-up…otherwise…the show you put is a walking circus and not a sensual tango with the sand, sea and the sun.

I forgot to mention the tightly sprayed curls, the high heels and the flashy purses…but i guess it goes without saying that they are also on the list of the big no-nos. One more thing – if you go with your significant other, make him/ her leave his socks at the hotel…they don’t go with velcro sandals!


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