Advice of the day – Live Strong

Write a letter bragging yourself and your greatest achievements…for rainy days when your self confidence and self esteem are crushed and hit right back at you!

Interpret things the way it suits you best, without losing sight of logic, reason and reality!


Do one thing that scares you every day!

keep calm and 2014 will be awesome

Every new beginning is a time of wishful thinking, of daring resolutions and ambitious promises! There are so many motivational, aspirational and inspirational texts, quotes, letters, articles, blog posts, etc…that January could easily compete against December’s spontaneous interest in charities, goodwill and kinder spirit.

I seriously doubt Eleanor Roosevelt had January resolution lists…she must have had every-day-break-a-fear-and-succeed lists. All year round. I used to fall for the same habit, believing in the power of the debutante year…Three years in a row, improving my Portuguese skills stood daringly among my top five annual resolutions. Going to the gym and staying fit was never an issue, organizing my wardrobe and rekindling the romance with each and every of my 67 pairs of shoes (not counting boots, sneakers, trainers and flip-flops) will remain on every years’ wish list, learning new things and discovering intriguing subjects, working in different and remote corners of my profession, leaping out of my comfort area in all aspects of my life, taking exams, going to classes and studying …again…are never ending endeavors that insist in being part of the stubborn annual line up.

2013 ended in honors…new business, new projects started and delivered, new classes, new friends…my first private practice, my first blog post, my first steps in the fashion industry. 2014 started in the same spirit…with my first professional photo shoot…so, this year, instead of writing down what I want to do and chalk up the Portuguese lessons for 2015, I will just aim to go farther, faster and more focused on the scale of each benchmark… and on each destination. Instead of writing down my yearly resolutions, I will write down my daily goals and my lifetime dreams…I think that could take each and every on of us closer to who we want to be when we grow up…

Indian summer – revamp the favourite wardrobe

If there is one season that I find difficult and yet pleasing to tackle, it’s this transition period between summer and fall. I previously mentioned that it’s one of my favourites, especially as the temperature and the sunshine remain friendly and rains and moody days are not that frequent. Despite all that, summery frocks are no longer doing their job to shield us in the windy mornings and chilly evenings and sandals and flip flops are becoming shy in doing our legs any favour.

So, what to do? Well, take that pretty, floral or colourful dresses you have spent all your summer pay checks on, add a pair of ankle boots, slippers, ballet shoes or brogues, pour a cashmere cardigan, a denim jacket or a structured blazer and you are set… For example, take the three dresses, and combine them with the suggestions featured by ( the karen millen suede ankle boot, the won hundred slippers, the vivienne westwood for melissa divine ballet shoes) , ( the maze woven lace up shoes, the MOTO blue denim jacket) and (the etioloa striped woven jacket by malene birger).

Lagerfeld and Roitfeld – Harper’s Bazaar Sept 2013

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Carine Roitfeld and Karl Lagerfeld bring together their incredible talents in a stunning Harper’s Bazaar editorial, for the magazine’s September issue.

Dedicated to the “diversity of women”, this amazing piece of work puts fashion and feminine icons on a well earned pedestal. I think the photographs speak for themselves. Any further comments are useless. The presence of Carmen dell’Orefice and China Machado, both in their 80s, are statements of how ageing in style and beauty. Breaking barriers and tabu issues of the fashion world – weight and height – could very well work as mottos of this wonderful piece of contemporary lesson about unique women and exquisite clothing.

PS. I just love Liberty Ross’ Dolce Gabbana outfit.

Caleidoscope – from summer to fall

Caleidoscope by fashionwhimsfollies on Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower said Camus. There are few periods throughout the four seasons with such friendly and flattering weather. This time of the year allows us to … Continue reading