Do one thing that scares you every day!

keep calm and 2014 will be awesome

Every new beginning is a time of wishful thinking, of daring resolutions and ambitious promises! There are so many motivational, aspirational and inspirational texts, quotes, letters, articles, blog posts, etc…that January could easily compete against December’s spontaneous interest in charities, goodwill and kinder spirit.

I seriously doubt Eleanor Roosevelt had January resolution lists…she must have had every-day-break-a-fear-and-succeed lists. All year round. I used to fall for the same habit, believing in the power of the debutante year…Three years in a row, improving my Portuguese skills stood daringly among my top five annual resolutions. Going to the gym and staying fit was never an issue, organizing my wardrobe and rekindling the romance with each and every of my 67 pairs of shoes (not counting boots, sneakers, trainers and flip-flops) will remain on every years’ wish list, learning new things and discovering intriguing subjects, working in different and remote corners of my profession, leaping out of my comfort area in all aspects of my life, taking exams, going to classes and studying …again…are never ending endeavors that insist in being part of the stubborn annual line up.

2013 ended in honors…new business, new projects started and delivered, new classes, new friends…my first private practice, my first blog post, my first steps in the fashion industry. 2014 started in the same spirit…with my first professional photo shoot…so, this year, instead of writing down what I want to do and chalk up the Portuguese lessons for 2015, I will just aim to go farther, faster and more focused on the scale of each benchmark… and on each destination. Instead of writing down my yearly resolutions, I will write down my daily goals and my lifetime dreams…I think that could take each and every on of us closer to who we want to be when we grow up…


Food for the spirit

Photo Credits: Striver’s Row 2010 Collection

Here’s an article about some people who didn’t give up on their dreams. Never letting go of what you aspire to become is probably the most successfull strategy to get there… unquestionably it’s probably also the most pain killing one.

Interestingly enough…most of the achievers come with rough backgrounds and quite shaking personal drama. Do we strive less if we are born in good life?

Jon Hamm, J.K. Rowling, Oprah Winfrey and many others had to struggle to shine..


The epic birthday is already several months behind! It didn’t cripple me. I didn’t go balls out on a crazy statement party, I am still alive and kicking and having a blast.
Leaving the 20s really got to me! The frenzy of reaching my 27th, 28th and 29th b-days has died down. I step into the fourth tier, desperate to leave behind the immaturity, the hesitations, the self-doubt and the insecurities that graciously ruled my twenties.
I had a pact with my BFFs: we’re 25 as long as we can show it! Guess what?! I’m 30 and damn proud of it. I still can’t see my destination but I am well aware of what I am destined to be: a mother, a lover, a friend, a team mate, a doer, a traveler, a speaker, a believer…a winner. I feel like I am on a steep hill, going upwards, not looking from the bottom valley, but from the very top. My 30s achievement list still leaves room for the upcoming years’ resolutions, but there are many things I’ve learnt:
1. To use LOVE as a verb and follow up my feelings with actions
2. To stop looking for THE ONE
3. To show strength in arguments and not anger
4. To see the world in exclusive company
5. To be alone and feel great about it
6. To enjoy myself and partner with my own thoughts and feelings
7. To embrace change and deal with the fact that nothing is written in stone
8. To wise up – it’s a never ending process
9. To let go of past defeats and don’t feel vulnerable about failures, mistakes and mishaps
10. To enjoy every second of wellness, good health, dedicated friends and family – there are millions who don’t reach 30, have no dear ones left, live out in pain, misery, torture and despair and still find the power to move ahead
11. To wear lace and pumps whenever I feel insecure
12. To make things happen for myself and on my own
13. To look back only to point out those goals that I didn’t achieve and put together loose ends
14. To time out all negativity
15. To feel sexy and undefeatable in a pair of diesel and a white T-shirt
16. To be stunning with no make-up
17. To use sarcasm to such an extent that it’s considered politeness
18. To avoid complicated phrasing when I want to say simple things
19. To let myself go and be ok with it
20. To take promises and calculate the percentage that represents my own ability to fulfill them. If there’s over 60% dependence on somebody else, I have my heads up that it might not happen.
21. To understand that I am responsible for what I do and say and not for how people react to that
22. To adore those who can put up with my worst, insane, insecure and selfish ego. They are the ones who deserve the best as well.
23. To hold on to those people who have loads of luggage. They are the ones who can teach and educate me, understanding burdens and appreciating goodness.
24. To be a little Walt Disney, a little Lev Tolstoi, a little Martha Stewart and a little Marylin Monroe…being Bill Gates is impossible. I know my limits
25. To accept that coolness grows with age…if you can open your eyes widely and see it!

I stare at photos from my college years and I blush. Yes, youth is blossom, freshness, sassiness. But God! Never before have I ever been as toned, as healthy – especially in my eating habits (and I never been a fast food chewer – as I ate my first McDonald’s a couple of months ago), as sophisticated and as confident as now. My jeans were always either too tight or too loose, too long or too short, my lipstick too red or too pink, foundation was a chemistry experiment – always the wrong shade, mascara was acrobatics between my lashes, my eyelids and my eyebrows – not to mention that the nose was always in the way – and the blush was mostly applied with a neo-modernist painting technique that generally failed…a Dali in training. I know! Cry me a river! Whatever the wrinkles, the bad hair days, the moody mornings and the body awareness – I still have a decade to work it out. I know 40s are the new 30s, but you cannot trick time forever. Now, I hold a little bit more information about fashion, styles, trends, beauty and care…there’s certainly an evolution ( unfortunately that doesn’t translate to all aspects, taste in terms of the significant other still linger) and I know what my hair will and won’t, what my muscles can and can’t, what my cheeks do and don’t!
So, why is there such a meltdown in our 30s?
Some answered that it’s because you’re now a grown up, doing grown up stuff. The wunder kid is now either on his way to becoming the promising rising star or not. It’s as simple as that! The 20s are like those seconds when the airplane takes off – taxiing in position on the runway, piston engines run up at high power, acceleration to rotation speed, nose up, flaps going underneath and…..there you have it…the heavy lift! Hadn’t we done this in high spirits, partying, wearing our brains and bodies out, experiencing good dates and nasty dates, getting drunk and sober with unlimited frequency, wearing embarrassing clothes and trending nasty show styles…we would have probably been billionaires by 20, infamously notorious by 25, ostentatiously prized by 30 and retired by now…cheer and kudos to all the exceptions to the rule who have already written the much appraised novel of their life, invented the social networks, saved the white whales and the endangered pandas and ran triathlons. Would have loved to do all that! But I guess I am o a different timeline…and there are bigger plans for me to achieve… (whatever?!?!)
I cannot say that I will love my 30s as I loved my 20s – I was playing hard to get with them and didn’t really show it – silly outfits, ugly shoes, terrible haircuts and questionable mimics. I did do good grades though! So, my brain was left out of this scientific progress and was truly grateful for that! magna cum laude to it! But…I have better and bigger reasons to love these unfairly dreaded 30s: my kid, my mum and dad, my cousins, my few but precious friends, their kids, my readings, my thirst for still getting educated, my downtown apartment, my BMW, my manners, my intuition, my IT list and my HIT list…and my fabulous dressing…all of which I am able to have because I am THIRTY.
Getting out of the soul crushing moods over what I should be valued for, deciding for myself that being HOT is not what I strive to be in life, meeting my own standards and reaching out to higher ones, getting close to people who become good friends without being bruised and eventually disappointed for the uninspired flair, IT ALL COMES WITH AGE. What also comes with age is selection and the capacity to detox your life and separate things and people who matter and have them make it to your present days and have a worthy ride together. Maturity reduces dichotomies. The 30s are more about the inside of the Tiffany box than the wrapping…it’s more about the diamond that you become than the diamond you wear and also about those who are charmed by the glitter instead of being fascinated with the alloy.
Somebody smarter said this – Jack Welch perhaps, but not sure – I came to that point where I can understand the fine line between arrogance and self-confidence. True! It was in my late 20s that I discovered how to do it better and take things at a time without feeling that I’m juggling with my mum’s china on a trapeze…although it burns calories! It’s not like I woke up at 30 – enlightened, experienced and enamored with the right people and things in life. Cracking the mother, the lover, the friend and the professional – and the constant student dilemma took a while and it hasn’t been solved when I hit 30. I didn’t discover the formula…but I manage the process more skillfully and less worriedly. I simply don’t rush – although on the inside, I am driving a Mercedes McLaren on the Monaco formula one track). It’s a difference of pace that probably, by 40, will be reduced.
I am definitely ready to live my thirties with the same intensity, however…looking forward to being sung to and being wooed, to being heart-broken and getting stronger…to being woken up with a glass of milk and a white rose on top of it, to being tucked in with a torrent of hugs and kisses…to still being a child and a parent, a loved one and a lover, a confessant and a confessor…a driver and a copilot.

One hundred answers

MY 100

1. Who are you?
A child. Green eyes, round face…sandy/ amber / light sometimes – dirty blonde irregular waves.

2. What are you like?
Genuinely tempestuous…generally cheerful. Positive. Curious. Impatient. I forget easily. I live every minute. I enjoy every second. I see joy in sorrow and tears in laughter. I live each day as if it were the last one. I live to be happy and make people around me happier. On the inside…I am the opposite…despite my balance, my thoughts and silences are tearful, my solitudes are devastating and my torments are never-ending. The stars still shine and the good prevails over the evil, in the end…fairytales exist.

3. What do you like most?
Chocolate, water, books, high heels, diamonds and movies. In the exact same order.

4. How do you know people?
Through sorrow, pain, illness and misery. When you’re crushed and smashed and ruined. It’s the best way to know people and to love those who stay beside you in both their and your worst times.

5. What do you do for a living?
I work. I market. I communicate. I learn. I strive. I become better. I discover. I write. I make mistakes. I try to minimize them.

6. What would be your dream job?
I’d love to work for a traveler’s guide. Or be part of any wildlife documentary done for the Discovery Channel or National Geographic. Second best – CNN correspondent/ anchor.

7. What are your worst fears?
Solitude. Disappointing my son. Failing.

8. What would you change in your life?
I would move to an ocean city. It’s the only change I fear…but I am sure I will do it someday.

9. What’s on your wish list?
Paint my son’s room. Take up photography. Revamp my kitchen furniture. Get my wardrobe detoxed. Learn to wakeboard and snowboard with my son. Get the motorcycle permit. Photo-shoot with my best friends. Country tour by car.

10. The most important person in your life?
My blue-eyed boy…he is my treasure-keeper.

11. The least important person in your life?
Whoever talks about me without knowing me. Whoever judges me before judging their own life. Whoever thinks and acts against me and my dear ones. They are the least important persons in my life. I know they exist…but I ignore them completely.

12. Real life hero?
My mum. She doesn’t know it….she’s a guardian angel. Not only for me. I think that for all the persons she has ever touched. Despite all tempests…

13. What do you mostly dream about?
That I smile…and swim… and that I live in a beautiful colonial house by the sea.

14. Nicest dream?
I don’t remember it in detail…but coffee, Barcelona and Ryan Gosling were in it. It was something like Before Sunset

15. Worst nightmare?
My son was kidnapped.

16. What dream do you wish to come true?
The one in which I was having a worldwide impact. I had it when I was in high-school and I remember waking up one day with the impression that I will do something big! It’s common, I guess! But it’s what I would like to achieve. Do something that really changed or at least, influenced the world.

17. Favorite leisure?
Outdoors with my son. Reading. Movies. Horseback riding. Wondering the streets of any city in the world. Tennis. Running. Hiking. Mountaineering.

18. What talents would you like to have?
I’d love to play the piano magically. I studied the piano for a couple of years but never fell in love with it. I’d like to draw, paint, design…

19. Addictions that you admit?
Chocolate. Sometimes I feel addicted to the gym. I’m not a fitness fanatic, but I can’t live without sports…nor my six pack.

20. First dream come true?
To live in Spain.

21. Best dream come true?
One week in New York.
22. Most unexpected surprise of your life?
Motherhood…it’s breath taking…

23. Favorite movie?
The Bridges of Madison County.

24. Favorite song?
So maaaanyyyy…if I have to pick a couple – Luther Vandross –Dance with my father ( it makes me think of my grandparents), Donna Lewis – I love you always forever ( it’s all about my son), Christina Perri – A thousand years ( my love)…

25. Priceless?
My son’s giggles. Sunshine. My best friends talking about our next trip. Kindness. Beautiful people. “I love you”, “I am sorry”, “I miss you”…”I stand by you.”…said, heard, written, read…whispered…shouted!

26. What makes you happy?
All the above and thousands of other small things. A bunch of peonies, a sunflower field, the laziness of a summer day at the beach. Games and stories with and around children. A hug. A kiss. A call. Teenagers kissing in the street. A old couple holding hands. A visit to Musee D’Orsay….

27. What makes you sad?
Orphans. Children or elderly begging. Injustice. Pride. Stupidity. Irrelevance. Malice.

28. Your relationship to God?
I find Him in me, carry Him with me, hope He is beside me, wish He watches over me.

29. The luckiest person you know?

30. One word to describe you?
Aya…it means miracle, but sound much better in Arabic. 

31. Your favorite words?
Evanescence, saudades, encapricharse….and Elisabeth Barrett Browning’s poetry.

32. Recommendations?
I rarely recommend things. I have an egoist relation with my books and my movies, and my places, and my secret cafes, my gardens, my photos, my paintings…and still I do talk about them. Paradoxically, I decided to write about them…which means I have overcome this infantile possessiveness. But I would strongly recommend a therapist for most people I know.

33. What type of art you are mostly impressed by?
Painting…I could dive into Sorolla’s or Degas’ or Matisses’ paintings and sketches endlessly.

34. Most emotional day of your life?
When my son was born…but I know it can get better…because each day is setting new standards

35. Regrets?
Missing conversations with my grandparents. Not saying I love you often enough to my parents. Missing out on being somebody’s greatest love. Being the executer of a cruel but unpremeditated heart-brake.

36. What makes you fall in love?
Passion…and beautiful eyes.

37. Do you believe in love at first sight? In love forever?
Yes…and No, not in these times…at distance, yes…I think you could love someone forever.

38. What makes you likeable? Or loveable?
Still wondering!…

39. What have you done in the name of love?
The unimaginable…the unthinkable…the undoable. The unbelievable. Sadly, I would only do part of it again…

40. What were the most special words said to you out of love?
The special ones didn’t get translated…the most special ones were unsaid…unfortunately I am multi-lingual, but I don’t do silence.

41. What do you miss most?
My adolescence. My university years. The easiness of being immature and don’t worry about it.
Being unafraid of the lack of experience, knowledge and wisdom…not that I have found them now!

42. When were you jealous the last time?
Never been. Never knew how it feels. I felt intrigued, or hurt, or enraged…but not jealous…

43. Your type of guy?
The bad one! Always! Unfortunately?! The good ones got run over, unintentionally…so, I’m bad news for good guys…and the bad ones…couldn’t tame any!

44. Best memory from your childhood?
Climbing trees and hiding with books to read from above the whole countryside. Great learning, great views, great outcome!

45. When did you feel you grew up?
When my parents let me travel alone. And when I came back home from my aunt’s and I had my first fringe!

46. What drives you crazy?
When my mum calls to check if I had breakfast, lunch or dinner… if I am wearing warm clothes in winter…if my son has eaten fruit, soup, etc…and to warn me to take care when crossing the street.

47. Favorite holidays?
Ever since my son is born, definitely Christmas. Before that, I was not into holidays…but now, it’s magical. I feel I discovered the fascination for Santa, his reindeers, the holy nights, the gifs and the surprise in my late childhood years…

48. What is your best birthday party?
It never happened yet. As a child I had my birthday parties during the summer break. My friends and colleagues were never around. My parents always invited friends with their children over, and tried to throw a great party. But it was so much different than those parties I attended throughout the school year… my 18th anniversary was a mess! I don’t remember much of it, except that the effort to get everybody out of town, and at my parents’ house in the mountains paid off…for a couple of hours.  I am not a happy b-day person! I think every day is special. Or at least it should be. Ok, I agree with celebrating the day you were born, but I never got around to enjoying a party for my anniversary…perhaps I would enjoy more a surprise party…no tendria mas remedio! 

49. What do you loathe as years go by?
That I lose innocence. I lose my confidence in the good. That the search and the battle for happiness is more and more intransigent, demanding and asymmetrical.

50. Sources of inspiration?
My son, my grandparents and their story. Powerful women. Strong words. Relevant music. Love stories – real and fictional. The street. The people around me, irrespective of the relationship I have with them. There is a mirror behind each and every one of us…I have an insane attention for details and although I seem distracted, I always focus on those pieces that compose a different puzzle than the one we want to be seen. And sometimes it’s the underneath that makes me stop or go by… once I stop, I hardly let go. Once I go by, I hardly return. First impressions never betrayed me.

51. Newest experience?
I started cooking…love to bake cakes and stews. I’m not a daredevil…but I do experiment a lot. Sometimes it’s a disaster that even my son acknowledges…other times, I do think I deserve to write a cook book. 

52. Best outfit?
Jeans. White t-shirt. Cropped black jacket…stilettos.

53. Favorite colors?
White, black, emerald green, beige. Favorite color mix – red, white and blue – for casual wear.

54. Worst outfit?
My red outfit that my mum brought me from Israel when I was ten and made me wear on several occasions. It would have been great had it not been the white bows…dreadful.

55. Favorite clothing items?
Red vintage Valentino dress. White Lanvin skirt. Leather pants. Giuseppe Zanotti high heels.

56. What would you never wear?
57. What do you always wear?

58. Lucky charms?
Santa Maria de Montserrat thread bracelet

59. Favorite designers?
Oscar de la Renta. Monique L’Huillier, Roland Mouret, Miuccia Prada, Elie Saab …first that come in mind.

60. Favorite story about clothes?
Buying my wedding veil from an artisan’s shop in Barcelona and building my dress around a sketch I drew when I was 18 and later discover that it existed in an upcoming Hannibal Laguna collection.

61. Favorite shopping destination?
Paris….and online… 

62. Worst shopping experience?
H&M Barcelona…Portal del Angel. Finally ended up taking photos of the window…

63. How many sizes did you change since your teens?
Dropped one or two…I think.

64. What kind of clothes suit you best? Which ones do you thing favor your body shape, you complexion?
I love loose fittings…comfortable and fluid textures, cotton, lace, silk…I always get compliments when I wear posh outfits. It’s a constant battle between ballerinas and stilettos…the latter have won most of them.

65. What makes you feel beautiful?
That indescribable look in the eyes of the one I love! Mix of admiration, contemplation, lust and fear…

66. Perfect day?
Morning sunshine…breakfast with croissants, orange juice and hot coffee…my son sneaking in bed…going for a jog… friends brunch at a chic café…lying on the beach in those strong arms that I love…kids playing around…my estranged dog running up and down. Tranquil dinner in romantic gazebo…Leonard Cohen’s music in the background…tucking in the kids…night ends in a fierce high end club.

67. Whose wardrobe would you like to have?
Carrie Bradshaw’s.

68. What’s your style like now?
Still confused. Still transitional. Still transcending…clutter of ideas…I know the final destination but I enjoy the ride and wonder…

69. What’s the most recurrent image in your mind when you think of fashion?
Scarlet O’Hara being tied by Mamie in a corset dress…Gone with the Wind.

70. What would be the last item you’d take off on a one night stand?
Jimmy Choos…

71. What’s the sexiest item you own?
My imagination.

72. What’s the sexiest part of your body?
My brain.

73. What’s the one fashion item that you hate and love the most?
High heels…they generate that cognitive dissonance that makes you aware of your addiction and its terrible effects but you still can’t help it! I dread the day I will open my dressing and wonder what to do with all those shoes!

74. How is the perfect guy dressed?
Despreocupado…care-free…a combination of Liam Hemsworth, George Clooney, Brad Pitt and Paul Newman. Charisma wearer! Brains bearer!

75. Perfect holiday?
Tropical island…at the beach…wherever that is…

76. Ideal destination for two weeks? A month? A year?
Depends on the purpose, the company, the context…two weeks: Portugal. A month: Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Kenya, Jordan…Six months: Latin America…A year: world tour.

77. Perfect romantic destination?
Loft in New York with terrace overlooking Brooklyn Bridge.

78. How fast can you pack? How fast can you leave on a 10 days trip? How much planning do you need?
2 hours. 5 hours if you count traffic to the airport. Minimum planning. I just need to know where I am going.

79. Control freak or spontaneous laid back?

80. Extrovert or introvert?

81. What’s your personality like? What would you rather be like?
Expansive…kinesthetic…touch and feel, talkative, open. Sensual, mysterious, untouchable.

82. Craziest outfit you’d dare to wear?
Cat woman!?

83. Who’d you take to the party of the year?
Ryan Gosling…

84. Who’d you take to a book launch? A painting/ photography exhibition?
Carlos Ruiz Zafon. Picasso. Annie Leibovitz.

85. Who’d you take to the movies?
Meryl Streep.

86. Who’d you take to dinner?
Christine Lagarde

87. Who’d you like to interview? What would be the first question?
George Clooney. Would you marry me?  …Sigmund Freud. Do you think I am crazy? 

88. What did you do and never do again?
Rollercoaster ride.

89. Favorite book?
There are at least 200. Most recent lectures – De la part de la princesse morte – Kenize Mourad, El juego del angel – Carlos Ruiz Zafon, L’amour dure trois ans – Frédéric Beigbeder. I think it actually lasts around 7…but can’t prove it.

90. Favorite quote?
I find quotes on “I speak sarcasm as a second language” absolutely awesome…
Depending on the moods and whims…I go by Ortega y Gasset’s words – Life is a series of collisions with the future; it is not the sum of what we have been, but what we yearn to be.

91. Favorite line in a movie?
Love is passion, obsession, someone you can’t live without. I say, fall head over heels. Find someone you can love like crazy and who will love you the same way back. How do you find him? Well, you forget your head, and you listen to your heart. And I’m not hearing any heart. Cause the truth is, honey, there’s no sense living your life without this. To make the journey and not fall deeply in love, well, you haven’t lived a life at all. But you have to try, cause if you haven’t tried, you haven’t lived. (Anthony Hopkins in Meet Joe Black)

92. Favorite TV series?
The West Wing. Sex and The City. Mad Men. Californication. The Good Wife

93. Favorite personality?
Gabriel Garcia Marquez.

94. If you were to live a day in somebody’s life…who’d it be?
Eleanor Roosevelt.

95. If you were a man who’d you like to be?
Leonardo DiCaprio

96. If you were to take back time, who’d you first kiss?
The exact same guy I first kissed…still love kissing him!

97. Greatest love?
The impossible one.

98. Greatest achievement?
My son.

99. Last cry?

100. Most hidden thought?
To be the subject of a photo shoot with Helmut Newton….neah….it’s hidden, right?

Once upon a time


All stories have a beginning. This story, as most others, started one day…In between preparations for New Year’s party, my mind stopped to take a short glance at the past year: achievements, regrets, big hits, great outfits, wonderful books and awesome memories burst out from the little drawers of the mind and the heart. It depends on the substance and the composition of each and every small thing and on our ability to clasify them. At one point, I think we all take a tiny piece of paper, napkin, post-it or blank notebook page and start writing our up coming resolutions. Some sound more practical than others: to start a new DIY project, to take up a new foreign language, to attend a course, to go to the gym and get those abs you have been craving for ever since you were a teen, to cut down on donuts and chocolate cakes, to visit new exotic islands. And then you get to that part where the wishlist comes together with a set of sighs, smiles and whispers – those almost secret desires that sets your pulse racing and makes your fear saying them out loud: to treasure every second and enjoy good health and precious moments with my dear ones, to say “I love you!” more often, to make my family’s journey a cool and yet thought provoking experience, to be happy and live to the fullest.
One of these secret resolutions is now out in the open. You are reading about it. I wanted to go back to basics. My basics. Starting something from scratch and doing something I once loved! I once wrote a piece for college that was highly praised by my literature professor. Before giving me the A+ she asked me : What do you want to be in life? A simple, common and fundamental question that we are being asked from the very first years of life. A storyteller, I answered.
So, here I am. Fulfilling a task and not only! I took a while. Once trying to get beyond the nuts and bolts of it, it’s not easy. Getting out of the hand written diary, hidden in the linen drawers and the inspiration board with notes and quotes and photos and trims and lines tossed around is hard. It’s more than a statement of intent. It’s a pledge, an engagement.
Whims and follies are like fireflies in my life. They are geared by reason and intuition, principles, values, personal history, people and intimate emotional DNA. My whims and follies are the books I read, the paintings that take me away, the music that inspires me, the people I fall in love with, the movies I dream about, the places I breathe before even getting there, the photographs that make my heart and my mind stop and so many other things that I will uncover. My fashion? It’s the jewels I adore, the Louboutins I wear, the dresses I trust, the T-shirts I clothe in and the jeans I confess to…the diamond rings almost glued to my fingers, the charm bracelets that empower me and the Longines that makes every moment count.
So, expect to read and learn about all that! About beauty, arts, moods and people…with courage, love, humility and drive!