My summer hits

I have thought of many things to share on this blog and although I promissed also to recommend some of my readings and surpass that inevitable sense of egoism directed to those things that you love and want to hold to your self (because otherwise, what’s the purpose of writing on a platform visible to a limitless audience), I will start with music…since it’s one of the most globalized phenomena. I’ll pass the cliches and get to my current top five:

1. Bruno Mars – When I was your man, because it’s always great to hear, if not your own man, at least another man, regretting things he shouldn’t have done and appologizing for his own ego, selfishness and the amount of time he lost being his natural self.
2. Rihanna feat. Mikky Ekko – Stay, because it’s daring, it’s sexy…it’s sensual and because we all know that the wheel goes round and round and true love cannot be escaped. The crescendo of the beat and the waving intensity of the piano are a great soundtrack to a late evening jog.
3. Ellie Goulding – Burn…because it’s summer, the nights are all about the beat of parties all over the world, about having the fire and letting it BURN!
4. Naughty Boy feat Sam Smith – La, La, La…can we resist it’s la, la, la, la ?…hardly…can’t figure out yet what’s with this tune but it’s in my head day and night…looking for a substitute “before i lose my mind”…
5. Justin Timberlake – Mirrors …there’s no time to line up all the reasons why I have this song on my itunes list…on repeat! it’s a classic…it’s one of those overwhelming ballads that can be sung in the shower, twenty years from now without being ashamed of it…it’s cool and relaxed…without proving a point, because the singer is not any pop star but THE male pop star…it’s a hit after seven years of silences and it came with a vengeance statement…a lavishing and sophisticated one…that lasts more than 8 minutes…Having said all that..keep in mind that I am not a JT fan…

What’r you all listening to?